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Our rail services are ideal for goods that are not too time-sensitive. It’s an economical shipping alternative to over-the-road or air transportation. Our rail shipping is reliable, environmentally friendly, and highly secure at Just Ship It Logistics.



Environmentally Friendly

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What Is Rail Shipping?

Rail shipping is the use of railroads and trains to transport goods and services in bulk from point A to point B. This form of transportation can be used by clients who are environmentally friendly and are looking for high-speed delivery over long distances for heavy-duty and raw material products. Moreover, this shipping approach is a commonly used mode of transport in countries and continents with long transit times such as Canada, China, Russia, USA, and parts of Europe. You can enjoy fast and secure rail transport solutions at competitive rates with Just Ship It Logistics.


When you choose Just Ship It Logistics, you can be sure that all your rail shipping will be handled smoothly and professionally by our reputable team. We prioritize industry knowledge and continuously stay up to date on ways to make your freight experience as perfect as possible.


Highly Affordable

Good For The Environment

Dependable & Reliable

High Speed Over Long Distance

Suitable For Bulky & Heavy Goods

Safe & Secure


Lack Of Flexibility

Not Suitable For Shorter Distances

Limited Reach In Some Instances

Not Suitable For Smaller Freight

Cost and Time

Rail freight shipping transit time is impacted by factors including distance, route, dimensions, customs, and season. In very rough estimates: Rail freight shipping can take anywhere between 5-7 business days.

As for cost, each case is unique depending on the listed requirements, feel free to give us a call to help you determine the best option for the best possible price.

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How It Works

Pick Up Your Order

Just Ship It Logistics will collect the goods from your supplier where your shipment is carefully and securely placed into the containers for their journey.

Have It Shipped Out

On arrival to their selected destination, the container is examined by our trusted team

Have It Delivered To You

The inventory is then delivered to you in a LTL or Full Truckload method for further use.

Shipping Has Never Been So Easy With Just Ship It!

Our MIssion is to take the stress out of all your shipping by providing affordable & one-stop solutions anytime & anywhere.


Rail Shipping Has Never Been So Easy With Just Ship It!

We help get your freight shipment to its destination while taking advantage of cost-saving opportunities. Get in touch with us today for more information on all your freight needs.