Sea Shipping

Sea Shipping is best recommended when the freight is not urgently required. It can as well in many cases be the most cost-effective solution when transporting goods worldwide from port A to port B. We can ease the burden and handle all your sea freight requests at Just Ship It Logistics.




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What Is Sea Shipping?

About 71% of Earth’s surface is covered in oceans. Therefore, transporting your goods through the sea shipping method has for several generations been the most effective form of shipment for high and heavy quantity freight over large distances. Additionally, this form of transportation is significantly more affordable than other services, and is as well used by business owners and clients who are environmentally cautious about helping our green planet.

When you choose Just Ship It Logistics, you can be sure that all your sea shipping will be handled smoothly and professionally by our reputable team. We prioritize industry knowledge and continuously stay up to date on ways to make your freight experience as perfect as possible.


Tons Of Room On The Vessel

Can Transport Heavy Goods

Highly Affordable

Good For The Environment

Ships Are Designed To Carry Freight Safely

Containers Are Sealed & Locked For Extra Security


Time Consuming

May Cause Delays Due To Weather Obstructions

Price Is Unsustainable For Small Product Goods

Certain International Destinations Do Not Have Large Ports/Terminals To Accept Large Shipments

Cost and Time

Sea freight shipping transit time is impacted by factors including distance, route, dimensions, customs, and season. In very rough estimates: Sea freight shipping can take anywhere between 20-45 business days.

As for cost, each case is unique depending on the listed requirements, feel free to give us a call to help you determine the best option for the best possible price.

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How It Works

Pick Up Your Order

Just Ship It Logistics will collect the goods from your supplier where your shipment is moved to the port, and passes through customs before the start of transportation.

Have It Shipped Out

Goods are loaded into a safe container, and then put onto a cargo ship for their journey.

Have It Delivered To You

On arrival at their desired spot, the goods have to pass customs again securing that your freight is undamaged. They are then delivered to you for further use.

Shipping Has Never Been So Easy With Just Ship It!

Our MIssion is to take the stress out of all your shipping by providing affordable & one-stop solutions anytime & anywhere.

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Sea Shipping Has Never Been So Easy With Just Ship It!

We help get your freight shipment to its destination while taking advantage of cost-saving opportunities. Get in touch with us today for more information on all your freight needs.